Take Action

Once you have established a common language and created a safe space to air grievances to and allow yourself to feel and be heard without retaliation, you and your colleagues can then continue to engage in productive conversations that elevate Black voices in decision making. Here are a few things that you can do to transform your work environment:

Start a bookclub

A seminal piece to start with would be White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo where she, as a white woman, unpacks the ideas of whiteness and white privilege. There are a ton of lists that exist. Here are a few that we like:

how to be actively anti-racist resource list by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein - CLICK HERE

Black Liberation Reading List - CLICK HERE
Racial Justice Bookshelf - CLICK HERE

Attend an anti-racist Workshop

If you want to jump-start the learning you can have an outside facilitator lead a workshop for you and your team. The benefit here is that you have an unbiased, third-party professional articulating your realities. Here are a few workshops that we think are a good place to start:

Beyond Diversity - CLICK HERE
Center for Racial Justice in Education - cLICK HERE
Undoing Racism - Click Here

Lead an Initiative

Now is the time to submit a proposal for an idea, concept, or plan that you’ve been wanting to launch. Take advantage of this opportunity to pitch your idea — it matters and it is great.

A Corporate Requests Template

A Corporate Requests Template (Social)

Create A Safe Space

There is power in coordinating a safe space and affinity groups in the workplace.

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watch your Language

Be familiar with key terminology and concepts.

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