Hold Your Reps Accountable

Elected officials respond to the needs of their constituents (that means you). Ensuring that they are making decisions on your behalf means holding them accountable.

01 Make a Call

One easy way to contact your representative is to call their office. You can use phone calls to thank representatives for their support, share your concerns on pressing issues, and get informed about any significant changes in legislation or  your local community.

Click Here For a Call Script

02  Write Emails or Letters

Like phone calls, sending an email or letter is a simple way to stay in contact. Emails or letters can be used to thank your representatives for their support or to indicate your concern about a specific issue.

Click Here For an Email and Letter Template

03  Attend Town Hall meetings

Your representatives and leaders can be very busy. Another place to engage with them is at scheduled town halls or community events. At these public forums, lawmakers can hear from a number of their constituents at once and present their positions on hot-button issues.

To find town halls in your area, you can visit your members’ websites, join their mailing lists, check your local news outlets or visit The Town Hall Project: for a calendar of events

04 Thank you and Follow-Up

Share your thanks and express your appreciation for your representative’s time. You may send an email or handwritten note summarizing the issues you discussed, whether it was on a call, in an email or letter or at your local town hall. You can also thank your representatives on social media, as they are often eager to take pictures with constituents for acknowledgment.*

05  VOTE!

Voting is the most effective way to hold elected officials who make decisions on your behalf accountable. Elected officials understand that they need your vote and must understand the issues. Unite with other Black voices and send a resounding message to create the communities we want to see, or lose your seat.

Register to vote, check your registration status, and learn what's on your ballot at


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