Raise Your Voice

It’s time to amplify our message.
Because if we don’t, they will.

If we don’t engage civically, white supremacy will keep our quality of life in their hands. Not participating is a disservice to where we live, eat, send our children to school, seek medical care, allocate our taxes and spend our money locally. Elected officials make decisions and pass legislation on our behalf everyday.  Whether the decisions and legislation are helpful or harmful, depends on how you hold them accountable.

This section is designed to empower and provide you with the tools you need to engage with your elected officials and turn them into experts on issues that matter to you most. Without your voice, your elected officials will not feel obligated to prioritize policies that best serve you and your community.

You can use the information below to understand legislation and policy, find your local representatives and take action on issues that are important to you. It is important to note that this explains a federal legislative process, which does not differ much from state and city legislative processes.

Hold Your Reps Accountable

Elected officials respond to the needs of their constituents (that means you). Ensuring that they are making decisions on your behalf means holding them accountable.

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Understanding The Legislative Process

Understand the step by step process of how bills become law.

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About Your Representatives

Empowering you with essential tools to engage your elected officials.

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