Protest 101

Protesting is a process. Knowing the ins-and-outs is important while you make good trouble.

Before you go

Make sure you’ve packed correctly. Anything can happen and it's important to bring: hand sanitizer, a charger, washcloth and water (and a snack). Optional: extra shirt, milk for pepper spray, plastic bag, marker, or pen.

Leave your debit card at home and bring a small amount of cash.

Wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer (COVID-19 is still outchea).

Do your due diligence and research the organizers of the march before attending.

Check the weather and plan accordingly.

Consider downloading and using secure/ encrypted texting platforms i.e Signal.

If possible, find a friend to protest with you.

Write emergency contacts directly on your skin (i.e Local bailout organization, lawyers,

emergency contacts).  

See if you have a friend willing to accompany you.

If you are underage, get permission from your parents/guardian or have them accompany you.

While you’re there

Be vigilant at all times and plan an exit strategy.

Trust and follow Black people and/or other marginalized populations you encounter during a protest. Sometimes the best way to lead is by following.

Pay attention to people that are hype, agitating and suggesting that you destroy property (they may be undercover law enforcement or other opposition plants).

“Trust and follow Black people or other marginalized populations you encounter during a protest.”

Turn off critical locations on the location function on your phones and other cellular devices.

Be mindful of taking photos and videos that show your face or the faces of others.  

If you get pepper-sprayed (which we hope you don’t it's awful), use milk NOT water.

Try not to wear any unique clothing that could be used to identify who you are.

Cover up any tattoos, scars, piercings.

When you leave

If you get tear gassed (again, this would suck and hope it doesn’t happen) make sure to put contaminated clothes in a bag and shower with cold water.

Try to avoid public transportation in a densely populated area, it's best to get away from the crowd before calling a ride.

Make sure you have someone to text that you’re safe and headed home.