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Our Work with Amazon Studios & Maestra

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Time is an “intimate yet epic love story filmed over two decades, indomitable matriarch Fox Rich strives to raise her six sons and keep her family together as she fights for her husband’s release from the Louisiana State Penitentiary commonly known as Angola.”

The Challenge 

For us, we thought deeply about how to create resources that would be broad but also specific enough that any reader, regardless of their own knowledge around mass incarceration, would still be able to glean a new perspective.  

Why it’s Important

In collaborating with Maestra and Amazon studios, we wanted to provide film viewers with educational resources that would give both a historical and current day context around the issues of; mass incarceration, collateral consequences and the effects on families, and advocacy in action in a post-George Flloyd and Breonna Taylor world.  

What We Did

We created two downloadable toolkits; one that lays a foundational understanding of mass incarceration, and another that provides actionable tools and resources around the process for clemency. Both toolkits have an audible version and have been translated into spanish language to increase access.


It takes a village.

Below we highlight the folks that helped bring this project to life.

Amazon Studios






Picture Motion


Jacqueline Millender

Project Manager

Corbretti Williams

Lead Content Writer

Brandon Varner

Content Writer and Researcher

Tahirah Hairston

Copy Editor

Jelsen Innocent

Art Director

Denzel Boyd


Chole Park


Maxton Jones

Voice Over Talent

Steven Pacheco

Voice Over Talent

Tunisia Morrison

Voice Over Talent